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AstroBoost your Future with the new technology of

Astro-Dynamic Manifestation™ (ADM)

Now you can energize yourself, your living space and others, because

There are numerous skills
that were thought to be psychic,
miracles, shamanism or magic in the past.
In fact, by now you know that all these skills are
powerful technology that you can use with the same ease
that it takes to watch TV, to use a telephone or to drive a car.
With this exciting test you can get the evidence that you wanted !!!

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Action at a Distance:
The Transfer Test

Action at a Distance is a characteristic of life force, and as such it has been known to humankind since the dawn of its existence. In fact, humans naturally have made extensive use of this potential of life force: Just think of the many forms of healing at a distance, shamanism, extra sensory perception and projection, clair voyance and, more recently, radionics.

In fact, the basis of astrology, i.e., the impact of the planets and zodiacal signs upon fields of life experience, i.e., upon the layout of the mundane houses, is result of this characteristic of life force. You can find out more about this, including the theoretical basis and common functional principle of all action at a distance that is based on life force, in the free course “magic of the future”

Naturally, in this extra powerful and new technology of Astro Dynamic Manifestation, this transfer of life force with attached and re-directed planetary energies and other energies of the universe plays the key role.

In the following, you can experience that which many persons who are all too entrenched in dogmatic pop-scientific prejudices consider sheer impossible.

In fact, this experience of life energy transfer can well be the turning point in the way you are perceiving your surroundings in particular and the universe in general. You can also see this experience as a turning point in the way you are dealing with life and destiny: Now you can have the evidence that you are at the very threshhold to a new outlook on life, in which you can take control of relationships, money, profession, business, energy and life itself.

To feel life force at a distance
is extremely easy!

Print out the diagram to your left: Print the whole page and cut out the diagram.
Hold the center of your palm 2 - 4 inches above the printed diagram. Make sure the hand is relaxed.
Almost immediately you will feel something: either a gentle warmth (65% of the persons performing this test), a slight cool breeze (25%), or a tingling (5%). Some people feel combinations of tingling and warmth or cool breeze and tingling.

You feel life force, because an identical diagram is next to one of our Chi Generators in our labortatory. Since the identical diagrams act as structural links, you can consciously draw life force from this generator. What you are feeling in this exciting test is raw and unmodified life force, while in your work with Astro-Dynamic Manifestation, you can send modified life force into the various areas of your house, office, and, most importantly, to yourself. In fact, this is the principle of the life force technology, that we have mentioned above, and which has been used by healers, shamans, priests and psychics since the dawn of humankind, and it has always helped them to manifest the effects that they desired. Our scientific approach combined with the generator of life force makes this work much easier for you and much more effective than can be done by any professional practitioner or group of practitioners who limit themselves to the more traditional methods. In fact, with this exciting new technology, traditional methods became obsolete: As obsolete as a good pair of shoes versus a plane ticket when you want to travel from San Francisco to New York.

You can get better and highly interesting results when you print out the diagrams below and call us at HSCTI or any one of our distributors.

Tel. +1 770 783 0563 -- Mo - Fr, 12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time

astrological houses for chi transfer

planets for chi transfer

The 24-Hour
Chi Transfer Test

You can get better and highly interesting results when you print out the diagrams above, then call us at HSCTI or any one of our distributors.

Tel. +1 770 783 0563 -- Mo - Fr, 12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time

Astrological Symbols (1) Print the two diagrams above or click here for a download, and print download
astrological symbols cutout (2) Cut out transfer diagrams, planets and zodiacal signs
chi transfer diagrams

(3) Take the transfer diagrams and call us for your 24-hour test.  To make your diagrams unique, we will tell you letters and the sectors where to inscribe them on all three diagrams.

We will inscribe the same letters on one of our blank diagrams, and

chi transfer from our lab

(4) We will put our diagram onto one of our Chi Generators®.

By now, your diagram is connected to this Chi Generator® and it will be connected for a full 24 hours.

Now you can proceed on your own.

chi transfer test 1

(5) At first, test one of your diagrams for energy output: Hold the center of your palm 2 - 4 inches above the printed diagram. Make sure the hand is relaxed. Almost immediately you will feel something: either a gentle warmth, a slight cool breeze, or a tingling. Some people feel combinations of tingling and warmth or cool breeze and tingling.

chi transfer test with wrist

(6) As an alternative, hold your wrist above the transfer diagram.

Astrological Symbols

(7) Now it is time for you to make optimized water that is super-charged with Chi Energy. Take a glass of good water, take a sip "before" and then put it onto the transfer diagram for about 30 seconds.

Within the 24 hours of free transfer, you can charge a lot of water.  Allow 15 - 20 minutes for a gallon of water.

Of course you can also charge food and supplements.

Astrological Symbols (8) Take the house disk.  Put the card of Venus into the first house and Mars into the fifth.  Put the transfer diagram in the center of the circle. Prepare a "love drink" by charging the glass of water that you put on top of the transfer diagram in the center of the circle.
astrological symbols cutout (9) Same method.  Put the card of Mars into the first house, Mercury and the sign of Aries into the fifth house.  Put the transfer diagram in the center of the circle. Prepare a "sports drink" by charging the glass of water that you put on top of the transfer diagram in the center of the circle.
chi transfer diagrams

(10) This shows how you can transfer the sports energy into water at any distance.

chi transfer from our lab

(11) Finally, this shows how you can super-charge yourself at a distance with sports-energy or any other energy that you custom-design with your house disk, zodiacal sings and planets.  Simply carry the second transfer on yourself.

The influences of the astrological HOUSES

First House:  Personal and self-related affairs and characteristics, self-expression in the environment, physical body, general disposition.

Second House:  Personal possessions and security on the material and spiritual levels, money.

Third House:  Relations to those who are close by circumstances, neighbors, siblings, close kinship, etc., first education, adaptive thinking, adaptation to close environment, short travel, direct communication.

Fourth House:  Home, private life, real estate, family, buildings

Fifth House:  Creativity, love affairs, sports, gambling, children.

Sixth House:  Services given and received, health, hygiene, analytical thinking, work.

Seventh House:  Partnerships at a personal level, marriage, business partnerships, associates

Eighth House:  Shared resources, inheritance, self-sacrifice, stock market.

Ninth House:  Higher education, foreign countries, foreign travel, extensive research, philosophical thinking, religion, publishing.

Tenth House:  Social position, profession, ambition, special talent, career, practicality, pragmatic attitude.

Eleventh House:  Team work, group activity, friendships, clubs, objectives, impermanent attachments, plans, projects

Twelfth House:  Freedom from restrictions, inspirational thinking, limitations, isolation, solitude, the unconscious, that which is hidden.

The next important factor in astrology is the planets, which represent inclination, motivation, and action, or effect.

Functions of the PLANETS

Sun:  Projection of individuality and self, to express oneself

Moon:  Letting emotions known – getting attached emotionally – to respond emotionally

Mercury:  Communication skills, mental abilities, movement, commercial skills

Venus:  Relating to others, awareness and creation of harmony and beauty

Mars:  Movement, activation and initiating

Jupiter:  Expansion and outreaching, maturing and experiencing in the widest possible scope

Saturn:  Control, limitations, restrictions for a purpose and discipline
Uranus: Innovation, invention, sudden changes, intuition

Neptune:  Refinement, probing below the surface, inspiration, transcendence

Pluto:  Elimination and replacement, transformation, regeneration, minimum effort for maximum effect.

Your run off the mill friendly neighborhood astrologer usually can give you a satisfactory reading of your astrological chart, or horoscope, and he or she is limited to mere advice.

In fact, with this exciting test you can do by now that which already the astrologers of ancient times knew better, much better, than most of their modern-day counterparts.  In fact, for the next 24 hours, YOU can be “The Wise Rules the Stars!” This is so, because with this extremely easy-to-do method of ADM, you can custom-design any astrological energy of your choice!

The Modifying Powers of the SIGNS

Aries: assertive, with urgency, confidence and prompt action, attitude of being

Taurus: possessive, desire to dominate, with endurance, attitude of owning

Gemini: versatile, variable and adjustable, attitude of thinking

Cancer: sensitive, protective, defensive, attitude of feeling

Leo: creative, impressive and seeking admiration, attitude of resolving

Virgo: analytical, logical and critical, attitude of examining

Libra: harmonizing, combining, relating, attitude of balancing

Scorpio: concentrating, secretive, with intensity, attitude of desiring

Sagittarius: overcoming impediments, reaching out, attitude of seeing

Capricorn: avoiding error, prudence, reservedness, attitude of using

Aquarius: indifference, unconventionality, impartiality, attitude of knowing

Pisces: receptiveness, impressionable, intuitive, attitude of believing

The following applications of this extremely useful and powerful new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, ADM technology and Manifestation Programs.

Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

Optimize Water, Drinks and Food.Water enhancement: optimize water, charge it with chi energy and with the astrological energy of your choice
Enhance the power of Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements, Cosmetics, etc. with Life Force
Enhance Plant Growth and Quality of Produce with Life Force: Agriculture, gardening, house plants, lawn care, sprouting, etc.
EMF Pollution (electrosmog), DOR (deadly orgone energy), and Geopathic Stress Zones
Pet care, reaction of pets to Chi energy, Chi Generators® to enhance aquariums
You can put yourself into any brain wave state that you choose to achieve an abundance of energy, to experience a general well-being, and for physical and emotional balance
Chi Energy to Boost Sports Performance, to have an edge in sports competition, to influence individual sports competitors, for body building, martial arts, etc.
Chi Energy for Fitness, Workout and Weight Control
Chi Energy for Success Strategies in Profession, Business and Money, financial planning, career, and employment
Applications of ADM technology for business, office, management, to help affiliates and employees, for customer support, public relations, to establish methods that cause business to be more effective, for business consulting and general manifestation of success
ADM technology for success in politics, people skills and to develop and project leadership
Using the Chi Generator® for Success in Legal Matters
Using ADM technology to boost popularity, charisma and personal power of persuasion, self confidence and convincing speech
ADM technology as a means to boost love relations and friendships, attract friends and soul mates, and to cause relationships to break up
Using the ADM technology for Family and Children
Chi Generators® and ADM technology for protection against attacks of any kind and for clearings of attachments
ADM technology in your house and directed towards yourself to boost intellectual, intuitive and creative skills
Chi Energy technology to boost psychic skills, meditation, esp, remote viewing, etc.
How to boost gambling skills, stock market, betting

Using the Chi Generator® and ADM technology to increase the success of advertising and marketing. Using the Chi Generator® in your practice of NLP.

Chi Energy and ADM technology for Success Strategies in gaming, playing games, on line, in clubs and in private situations
Relocation Horoscopes and astro-carto-graphy are things of the past - obsolete!

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